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'I would highly recommend Jane Clarke driving instructor training'

Testimonials from ADI's and PDI's that have completed ADI part 1, 2 or 3, Standards Check training, Part 3 Rescue, Train the Trainer courses, and Client Centred Learning Courses with Jane Clarke. 

Jane is an amazing teacher, her adaptability, patience and outstanding knowledge was impressive; not to mention her good sense of humour.

A massive thank you to you Jane, I can't thank you enough for all your help.

I now have a new career, doing what I love. I would definitely recommend Jane without hesitation.

Helen Ranshaw October 2022

With Jane's training I passed my ADI part 3 first time! I can't thank her enough. Her approach was exemplary - never too basic nor too technical, but just right every time! She worked with me to help me to be the best I can. She would observe carefully and had a knack of pinpointing exactly what was required to improve my teaching. Feedback was both critical and supportive.... and ALWAYS helpful.

If you choose to work with Jane, be assured that you are in the most capable and skilled hands.

Tim Fuller September 2022

Jane was highly recommended to me by friends and contacts in the Driving Instructor world. I started my part 3 training with Jane in October and from the first lesson I realised how right they were. Jane certainly knows her stuff! i learnt so much every time we met, and we had a laugh along the way. Jane's insight and ability to engage you completely in the learning process is amazing. I'm so pleased to now be fully qualified having passed first time! I would definitely recommend you train with Jane if you are going for your part 3. Thanks Jane

Sarah Denton

Jane is a first-class instructor, and I would recommend her without hesitation! Her adaptive teaching techniques enabled me to pass all my ADI test first time at the young age of 24. Jane was always sincere and patient in every lesson and provided me with helpful feedback and information every time to build my skills and confidence. Thank you for everything that you have done.

Junaid Khan

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I am very pleased with my experience and over the lessons Jane helped me to build my confidence and work on areas that I struggled with until I was more confident, and as a result, i am happy to report that I cleared the ADI Part 3 examination on my first attempt.

Jane is very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. She is brilliant at explaining everything in a clear and friendly manner.

So, thank you Jane for helping and supporting me to achieve this difficult test .Good luck and all the best in your future. 

Kind regards

Ash Rafiq

Roughly About a year ago I started researching how to become an ADI

Along with all the usual research I looked at other ADI profiles and tried to speak to as many ADI's as I could and also driving schools

One name kept coming up time & time again

" Jane Clarke "

Recommend by various individuals & schools

I then switched my focus to researching Jane .

Trawled her website and her Facebook , the testimonials I read were just far too good to be true .

So I guessed the only way to find out if this superhero really existed was to put her to the test .

So I secretly planned to be her worst pupil ever

( honestly it was all intentional )

Wow did I do a good job at that , I really played on it ,

I tried every dirty trick in the book to fail my part 3

But my plan was foiled .

This unassuming woman, when in role ,quickly becomes a superhero, engages you in a battle where there is only one winner , YOU !!

So yes , the testimonials on here are true , she does exist, and " if part 3 is driving you insane then call on Jane

Allan Murphy ADI

Dear Jane,

I would just like to say thank you very much for helping me prepare for my Standards Check Test. You really helped me to understand the changes to the new test from when I trained 16 years ago. As a result I have sailed through with a Grade A and will continue to use what you have taught me in my future lessons. I would recommend anyone with their Standards Check Test approaching to take some lessons with you. 

Thanks again,

Ben Jenkins.

February 2017

'If you are thinking of doing your ADI Qualification, i honestly believe Jane is your lady'

I decided to take the massive leap into doing my ADI's. Hadn't got a clue on where to start, but got pointed in the direction of Jane. Jane not only coached me but befriended me and showed me the direction to go.

Part 1 was down to me, but she still gave me tips on passing it.

Part 2. I, like anyone, would like to think that my driving was already technically comes Jane! She showed me my weak points and my strong points. Always making me self evaluate my ability got me to realise where I was going wrong. She then very quickly got me up to scratch. I passed my Part 2 with flying colours.

Then came the Part 3, this is where the work started and it was getting serious. Jane teaching style is perfect. She gets across what she needs to but has a laugh with it. Jane coaxes the answers out of you instead of telling you, again self assessing yourself. After 40 hours, test day arrived. We set off at 0715 for Scunthorpe. The nerves were starting to show as Jane got me to do a lesson on the way down. She was so reassuring that soon enough I had calmed down. I finally passed on my FIRST attempt with two very good 5's.

I cannot thank Jane enough for everything she has done for me. If you are thinking of doing your ADI's, I honestly believe Jane is your Lady.

Simon Cullen ADI

November 2016

'I would highly recommend Jane to anyone needing help with the ADI part 3 test.'

I would highly recommend Jane to anyone needing help with the ADI part 3 test.

She really helped me understand what was required for the different phases. I found my short time with her very rewarding and always enjoyable and passed First time ! Thank you so much Jane Les

Les Oxley, Scunthorpe

July 2016

'The short amount of time I spent with you was like finding the missing pieces of a puzzle, you made everything so clear!'

Thank you so much Jane for all of your help and advice in working towards my part 3 test, I'm delighted to say I passed first time

The short amount of time I spent with you was like finding the missing pieces of a puzzle, you made everything so clear! I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is looking to update their skills and knowledge. Couldn't have done it without you Phillipa x

Phillipa Oxley, Scunthorpe June 2016

'This is why you are so highly recommended throughout the county'

Robert Haines, March 2016

'Forget the rest and train with the best'

I decided that it was time to forget the trainee licence and seek a new trainer. Fortunately I found Jane Clarke; suddenly things started to click into place and there was light at the end of the tunnel. Not only did Jane build my confidence, but she taught me how to teach a subject for a SE/part 3 test then adapt if to suit various levels of ability (the real world). Whilst being an enthusiastic driver with a desire to pass on my skills and attitude to others, I lacked natural teaching ability so really struggled at the part 3 stage.

It was a massive achievement for me, first time out to get a 3/4, not quite a pass, however after just one more session and I was there.

Steve Wing

Nottingham Feb 2016

'you very professionally guided me through my part 2 and 3'

I can’t thank you enough, from the outset you put me at ease and made me feel that my decision to change my career was the correct one, the time you commit and patience you show have made this training really enjoyable, this has made the knowledge and understanding sink in much easier.

Thank you again and I look forward to training with you when the standards check is due in the future.

December 2015

Paul Tovey

Hello Jane

Everything that you taught me, had come to my memory, which gave me the confidence to perform on the day without any doubts.

I will be in touch when my next standards check is due for further training.

Peter Wallace

'For anyone thinking of becoming an ADI I would highly recommend Jane'

I honestly don't think I would have achieved this without her expertise, patience and guidance throughout the whole process.

The lessons flew by and I always felt comfortable and at ease. I feel confident and excited about starting up, and this is all down to Jane.

Once again, thank you

Ian Spendlove June 2015

A BIG thank you for the refresher training

After being an instructor for nine years it was great to come over to see you and change a few things around which I now find very enjoyable from day to day. Looking at your Facebook page it is obvious that many more instructors are benefiting from your knowledge. Keep up the good work.

A big 'thank you' must go to Jane Clarke for helping me through my Fleet Training Qualification last summer at the very 1st attempt.

Highly recommended


A Class One Instructor'

I can highly recommend Jane. She was very professional in her approach and knows her subject matter inside out. She is very patient and nothing is too much trouble for her. If I was unable to grasp a certain point, Jane would patiently repeat herself until she was sure that I fully understood what was expected of me. Her sense of humour put me at ease.

I cannot thank Jane enough for all her support and encouragement throughout the whole process.

Will I be recommending Jane to other PDI's and ADI's?? Of course I will.

Iain Dean Lincolnshire Police Driving Instructor

'Within 10 minutes Jane had found why I hadn't passed my part 3 with my previous trainer'

Many thanks Jane for all your help.

Many thanks Jane for all your help and advice. Had my standards check today and got a grade A. Really happy and thanks again.

Jane has coached me through both the ADI Part 2 and Part 3 tests. From the start she gave me a thorough insight into what would be expected of me on each test. This knowledge was from her experience as an Examiner and was invaluable.

I chose not to have a Training Badge, relying totally on Jane’s instruction. Passing the Part 3, allied with the knowledge Jane has imparted to me, gives me the confidence that I can now proficiently teach others to drive safely and courteously.

Steve Williams Lincoln

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your help with our check test training.

We cannot recommend you and your training methods highly enough. It's so reassuring to know that not only do you get support on the day of training but the help and advice continued far after training day. You are a credit to your profession.

Chris and Chris

'I advocate Jane as an exemplary ADI Trainer'

For those of you approaching part 3 exam time, you will appreciate her clear and understanding approach. Getting an extra pair of eyes over your training is always a good thing for a PDI in a reassuring way, as there can be a lot of misinformation collected on the journey to become an ADI.

Kind Regards

Javid Khan Nottingham

'Clear and easy to understand'

The course was delivered well in an interesting way. The right balance of tuition, discussion and guided practice was given. Thank you for an informative day.

The presentation was timed correctly with enough time to ask questions. It was very useful to have some idea of what we should be saying, and the opportunity to put it into practice. An element so often missing from other courses.

A very well put together power point presentation, which made a confusing new approach in teaching from the DSA, now a very understandable approach thanks to Jane.

Glyn Morgan Managing Director U Drive

'Jane knows just what to say to make things click into place'

I can highly recommend Jane. She clearly stands head and shoulders above the competition. Jane,quite rightly, sets and expects high standards from her customers and her high pass rate is a direct example of this. If you are looking for all things ADI related, whether it be check test training or PTS 1, 2 or 3, then Jane is the obvious choice. Ignore the larger national, even medium sized Lincoln based concerns and opt for Jane.

JULY 2013 Karen Walker ADI Lincoln

'I cannot thank Jane enough, she made possible what I thought was impossible'

May 2013

'Jane's methods and role-play really do prepare you for the big day'

Ian Collins, Kent

I had received part 2 training with another local training company and was left feeling confused by the training I had received. I then came across Jane Clarkes website and liked what I saw so decided to book an assessment with Jane. From the word go Jane made me feel at ease and gave me the confidence that I needed to get through Part 2 & 3 of the ADI. Nothing was too much trouble any questions that I had was soon answered. Every lesson was enjoyable and I looked forward to the next. The training I received from Jane was first class. Jane is a knowledgeable, patient and understanding instructor who I would recommend to anyone who is looking to take training to become an ADI. I would just like to thank you again Jane for helping me through Part 2 & 3 of the ADI training & tests. Thanks Again Jane

August 2012

'Jane is so friendly, patient and professional'

Jan Scott Grimsby

August 2012

I let studying for the Part 3 get to me, constantly on my mind even on holiday and leisure time. I felt I wasn't making any headway, and was very much aware that time was running out. I contacted Jane Clarke, and after my first lesson I knew that I had made a good decision. Over several weeks (Jane with a little help from me) turned my negative towards positive. This increased my self belief and confidence, and that in turn reduced pressure. I can't thank Jane enough, oh yes I almost forgot to say I PASSED!

Gloria Cook Scunthorpe

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and sel After receiving over 64 hours worth of part 3 instructor training from a previous well known Lincoln driving instructor and all savings gone I did not feel ready for the part 3 instructor test or even the trainee license. After contacting Jane through a recommendation we met up for an assessment of my progress to see where I was up to. Immediately Jane found holes in my skills and I failed to control her and lacked the important understanding for the core competencies.

I found Jane to be delightful to work with, I would highly recommend her to anyone that is unhappy with there part 3 instructor training or who is about to start the part 3 instructor training. Her experience of being a former DSA examiner means that she plays the role of the examiner in every way and I was prepared for all the tricks that can be expected from the examiner and how to control them.

TLR Driving Tuition

ecting the options from the toolbar.

In October 2010 having passed my ADI, part 1 and 2 first time I decided to follow in the footsteps of Nick Robson driver trainer in respect of my Part 3 and I was so pleased I did. His evaluation of Jane’s training, knowledge, experience and patience was spot on and she was just what I required.

It is very difficult to add to the testimonials already printed, but I personally cannot speak highly enough of Jane and her training methods and would recommend her whole heartedly to any future budding ADIs

I had paid out £3650 to one of the big schools (guess who) the training i received was rubbish. I had'nt done all the pst's and was advised to apply for my part 3 test.

I met Jane and after 10 minutes of my assessment, i noticed that she was far different than my other trainer's. Jane knew how to put in fast faults and take you for a ride just like the examiner's.

I then started my part 3 training and Jane showed me the way to control the examiner's so that you don't get taken for a ride by them.

Jane taught me all the trick's she knew as an examiner and with that knowledge i went and passed my part 3 test 1st time with Jane's training.

If you would like to become a Driving instructor Please contact Jane Clarke as she will show you the road to becoming an ADI.

Mani khan DSA ADI Nottingham

I went to Jane having failed my first attempt at the ADI PART THREE. Jane did a full assessment and then looked at the weakness which had caused me to fail first time - She knew exactly which areas to target and was absolutely spot on as eight weeks later I retook part three and passed with ease. I would recommend Jane as a first class instructor and she was a pleasure to work with.


Having recently completed the Train the Trainer course with Jane Clarke, I would fully endorse Jane for any PDI/ADI who wishes to develop their instructional skills. From the outset Jane fully accommodated my requirements, all necessary and relevant training materials were provided and were of excellent quality, adding value to the in car training. The in car training was relaxed but informative and Jane had the ability to adapt her teaching style to my individual requirements. Jane has a wealth of patience and enthusiasm for imparting her years of experience and knowledge. Throughout the course I enjoyed every session and consistently found myself looking forward to the next one.

Hayley Noden

As a Police Officer I have been trained by various very capable instructors in a number of driving techniques to include Police Advanced 1 (VIP and Category A Escort Driving) and have on numerous occasions driven Royalty and other

As soon as I met Jane it was immediately obvious that Jane was extremely capable and is a top class instructor. Jane was able to spot my instructional weaknesses and offer a simple remedy to fills those gaps.

As I went for the test I was completely clear as to what I needed to do and how to do it and I honestly believed that any failure would be a silly error on my part. The confidence that I had going into the test is testament to the top class preparation that I was afforded by Jane.

Nick Robson

Having failed my 1st attempt at the Part 3 Test I realised that I needed to find further training and instruction. My thoughts were to find a specialist Part 3 Instructor.

Jane's knowledge and experience was very beneficial to me, she identified my weak points and concentrated my training around them as well as being very complementary with the things that I did well.

I have now passed my 2nd attempt and cannot thank Jane enough

I had some great times, I loved my lessons with her, i still had the odd butterfly or so, I really respect Jane and felt I really wanted to do well, not just for myself, but also for Jane.

If you are thinking of having training, stop reading this and give Jane a call

Nigel Dunford 

I decided to start training with Jane after I successfully past my part 3 test. Unsure at first as to how Jane would develop my teaching skills, I felt apprehensive with my check test approaching. Jane showed me a new way of how to look at teaching which actually made things clearer. Due to her tuition and support I successfully past my check test. I would recommend Jane to any A.D.I. or P.D.I. I now look forward to further training for advanced courses and have every confidence with her help - the sky is the limit.

Mandy Proctor  

I am writing to thank you for all your help and support that you gave me whilst I was training to take my Part 3 Driving Test.

• Your suggestion of breaking down the fault assessment into sections enabling me to deal with them one at a time and then putting them all back together help me to identify, analysis and give remedial action with better knowledge.

I will recommend you wholeheartedly to any PDI or ADI.

Kieth Warner 

I contacted Jane to arrange my first lesson, and was quickly and easily a given a date and time for our first meeting.

Her complete understanding of both the subject and the pupil, along with humour and patience, gave me a fuller understanding of what skills are required and helped me attain them.

she is one in a million and I thank her once again for helping me pass these exams.

Jason Wade (Newly qualified ADI) 

When I struggling to pass my ADI Part 3 and had lessons with 3 other instructors then I went for lessons with Jane. Immediately she identified my faults, pointed out the things I need to concentrate on and demonstrated exactly how it should be done. Within a very short time my confidence grew, I was getting it right, we did a few PST's and now I am ADI no. 323512.

Colin Skinner

 For Driving Instructor training, Part 3 Rescue and Check Test preparation or Train The Trainer Courses in Lincoln, Lincolnshire and the surrounding counties call Jane Clarke on 079260 54843

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